Wasn’t sure if I was gonna share this, but then I thought why the hell not?

This is a voice sample for a character named Fujiyuki Hamamatsu who appeared in one of Himaruya’s earlier series - Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club Pure (a revamped version of Advance! Kitakou Broadcasting Club that doesn’t have its own page on Himaruya’s website anymore), and was set to appear in an online game (a la the Gakuen Hetalia demo) based off of that series. (Which may or may not have ended up being made. We’re not entirely sure).

Why does this matter? Hidekaz Himaruya himself provides the voice for this character. He may have changed his voice to fit the character, but it’s still him behind the microphone.

There’s a second voice sample that I may upload later if people are interested in hearing it, but you can hear his voice better in this one.

(I’m not linking to where I got this because I don’t want the page it’s hosted on to crash. Because if it does Himaruya’s not going to put it back up because it’s not tied to the his main website anymore and I don’t want that information to get lost forever. :( )

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telling u mom about the hetalia update like


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please look at this picture of italy with his hair on fire


He is burning

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Bamboo blog update: 28.9.2014 [translation]


Original version


What occasion could it be?


The second one from top is without a doubt a tsundere. Third one has the most cunning aura.


Probably an idiot.

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Well here are the ladies! (and a little upgraded Liechtenstein)

Here’s the rest ^J^

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My personal blog is aphgilbie but it’s mostly orkish screeching and dumb posts

Got some messages asking so here


Hetalia + Green Eyes

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more like germoney am i right


more like germoney am i right

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Someone stole that

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